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Widebeam 57×10 Sailaway from £35,000

New Widebeam Sailaway boats are supplied ready to be fitted out to live aboard boat or can be used recreational use. The boat is craned on to the water at our boatyard at Lymm (Cheshire) ready to sailaway.. boat will be supplied in grey primer , but we can offer to have the hull coach painted for £5000


Widebeam 57×10 Lined Sailaway from £47,000

widebeam lined sailaway This boat is sprayfoamed insulated then lined in ash veneered wood and trimmed with solid ash, 3 bulkheads fitted , stainless steel water tank, 12v domestic battery bank, full 12v &240v wires, electrics fitted include main power board, LED lights, switches, horn, head light, galvanic isolator, 12vvoltage gauge, 240vshore line hook up, roof & door vents, Annex IV declaration of conformity & owner’s manual, Craft identification number issued, Fire safety equipment fitted, Builders plate and CE marked and lastly we will crane the boat on to the water at Lymm

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