New Narrowboat Range

 List price  1st   July 2023 (prices inc 20% vat)

 scroll across for prices ⇒ sailaway sailaway insulated lined lined additions
45′ Cheshire cruiser £45,000 £47,000 n/a  n/a
50′ Cheshire cruiser £45,500 £47,500 £72,500 £79,500
57′ Cheshire cruiser £46,000 £48,000 £73,000 £80,000
boats up to 60’fitted 38hp engine        
60′ Cheshire cruiser £49,500 £51,500 £76,500 £83,500
62′ Cheshire cruiser £51,000 £53,000 £73,000 £78,000
65′ Cheshire cruiser £53,000 £55,000 £75,000 £80,000
boats 60′ and above fitted with 42hp        
traditional  style add £500        
semi trad  style add £1000        
50′ Mike Christian josher trad £49,000 £51,000 £71,000 £78,000
57′ Mike Christian josher trad £50,000 £52,000 £72,000 £79,000
boats up to 60’fitted 38hp engine        
60′ Mike Christian josher trad £53,500 £55,500 £75,500 £82,500
62′ Mike Christian josher trad £55,000 £57,000 £57,000 £84,000
65′ Mike Christian josher trad £57,000 £59,000 £79,000 £86,000
boats 60′ and above fitted 42hp engine        
semi trad style add £2,000        
standard cruiser style add £2,000        
bespoke semi cruiser £4,000        

Other sizes available, please ask!

Cheshire Narrowboat Range

We supply these boats as high quality and affordable boats.  The hulls are built by a couple of renowned boatbuilders, and the hull is available in a number of styles and lengths.  Using 10-6-4-4 steel plate or higher, these boats are built to the standard building practises as expected in the industry.  You will not be able to find a hull with steelwork at this quality at these low prices.

Warwickshire Narrowboat Range is no longer available

This range has now been discontinued.

Mike Christian Classic Traditional Josher

This boat is designed, developed and built by the same team of experienced shell builders who produce the Jonathan Wilson and Tim Tyler bespoke shells.  The Classic Josher combines years of experience, great skills and dedicated workmanship.  The hulls are built in the style of the Birmingham square hulls with specially manufactured 208cm steel base plates (other builders use the standard 200cm plate) this giving approx 3′ more width at floor level!  Boats are built using only BSEN 10025 certified steel, to a build spec, then fully coated with jotunmastic 2 pack coating.  So combined with the uniquely designed swim, generous headroom and other features, these boats represent exceptional quality and value for money for customers who want that extra.


What’s included in our Sailaway specification

  • New steel hull of customers choice
  • Steel spec of 10-6-4-4 or higher
  • New diesel engine fitted
  • Twin 12 volt alternators for charging
  • Engine starter battery fitted
  • Windows and/or port holes fitted
  • Rear doors & front doors
  • One set of side doors
  • Bilge pump fitted
  • Diesel tank
  • Gas bottle locker
  • Ballasted with concrete block
  • Floored with high quality plywood
  • Craned onto the water at the boatyard
  • Professional boat commission & handover
  • Turn the key sail away
  • Boat to comply RCR 2017
  • Builder plate &  UKCA marked
  • Boat owners manual

A Sailaway Insulated boat also includes

  • Roof & cabin sides battened
  • Spray foamed insulated applied

A Standard Lined boat also includes 

  • Spray insulation cut & trimmed
  • Lower battens fitted on sides
  • Full 12volt & 240volt wire tails to customers requirements
  • 12v main circuit board connected to wire tails
  • 12v domestic battery bank fitted (4 x 100ah battery’s)
  • 240v -2500w pure sinewave  inverter
  • 12v engine alternator connected to battery bank
  • 12v LED lights fitted (up to 20)
  • 12v horn and head light fitted
  • 12v voltage gauge  for domestic battery bank
  • 240v outside hook up point
  • 240v main circuit board connected to tails
  • Galvanic isolator fitted
  • 240v sockets fitted (up to 6)
  • stainless steel water tank
  • twin coil hot water calorifier
  • 240v  1kw calorifier immersion
  • hot and cold pipe tails
  • fresh water pump fitted
  • Cabin fully lined in high quality ash veneered plywood
  • Trimmed with ash hardwood
  • Rear doors and hatch lined
  • yale lock fitted on rear doors
  • Side doors lined
  • Front doors lined and glazed
  • 2 bathroom  partitions  fitted
  • 1 rear  half partitions fitted
  • Roof vents and internal covers
  • Low level vent covers
  • Anodes fitted
  • boat to comply to  RCR 2017
  • Annex IV declaration of conformity
  • Craft identification number issued
  • Owners manual
  • Builders plate and UKCA marked

A  Lined Additions boat is a standard lined boat plus 

  • Bathroom partitions  fitted with doors
  • choice of walk through or side passage way design
  • Full size shower cubicle fitted either quad or square base
  • custom built  storage area for towels or toiletries
  • Wet areas fitted with a decorative  waterproof bathroom cladding
  • Bathroom timber lacquered
  • Thetford cassette toilet
  • Modern style wash basin
  • Thetford cassette toilet fitted
  • Shower waste pump fitted
  • shower waste pump boxed in
  • Hot and cold water pipes connected
  • shower tray leak tested
  • Pipes boxed in bathroom
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