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(ref-xx202)-60′ 1998 trad style narrowboat £65,000

  • "Take it Easy" built by john white boats
  • trad style  with extended sliding hatch
  • beta 43hp with 150 prm gearbox
  • large front well deck with cratch
  • webasto type diesel heating
  • kabola diesel  flame stove
  • over £15,000 spent in last 2 years
  • ideally for liveaboard or cruising
This used 60` narrowboat was built in 1997/98 and fitted professional by boatbuilding services in Chester,  lined and trimmed in  light ash, with only 3 owners,  this is not to be missed


(ref-xw712jt)-60×12.6 Wide exvat £67,500 -SALE AGREED

  •  breakwater style widebeam
  • tiller steering
  • sprayfoam insulated
  • external painted
  • bowthruster fitted & working
  • 52hp canaline engine
  • can qualify for 0% vat (zero rating)
  • at Lymm (viewing by appointment)
The Breakwater widebeam sailaway with tiller steering , powered by canaline 52 hp and has bowthruster fitted and work, internally  it is sprayfoamed insulated


(ref-xx200)-58′ electric powered sailaway £89,500-SOLD

  • NEW electric power sailaway
  • bespoke cruiser style hull
  • external coach painted
  • 10kw vetus E-line electric motor
  • 16x12v battery's = 880Ah@ 48v
  • 2 x  bow&  stern- bowthrusters
  • 6.5kw 1500rpm generator
  • available now
This new sailaway boat is all electric boat, and was displayed this year at crick boat show, it is fully loaded  with gensets, bowthrusters,  inverters, and many unique features


(ref-xw714st)-60×12.6 lined additions-exvat £92,000-SOLD

  • euro stern with wheel steering
  • collingwood lined additions
  • external coach painted
  • bowthruster fitted & working
  • webasto diesel heating
  • can qualify for 0% vat (vat free)
  • 800x1200 leak free shower
  • at Lymm (viewing by appointment)
This euro stern  widebeam sailaway comes as a full  lined additions boat powered by 52hp  canaline engine.  The craft is ready to be fitted out as a liveaboard.


(ref-xm650hy)-57’josher semi trad hybrid engine, 1st fix-SOLD

  • hybrid  electric powered sailaway
  • hull built by  Tim Tyler boats
  • semi trad style hull
  • beta 43hp hybrid engine
  • 24x2v batterys =800Ah 48v bank
  • 1st  fix electrics
  • 1st fix plumbing
  • built to customers  requirements
The  hull is built by Tim Tyler Boatbuilders. the customer chooses &  purchase a hybrid marine  package, we then fit  the engine, and also   1st electrics & plumbing


(ref-xw706lu)-60×12.6 Wide1st-fix ex vat £84,850 -SOLD

  • euro deluxe stern
  • hydraulic wheel steering
  • foam insulated sailaway
  • external painted
  • bowthruster fitted & working
  • 1st fix electrics & plumbing
  • may qualify for 0% vat (zero rating)
  • at Lymm (viewing by appointment)
This euro deluxe widebeam sailaway with wheel steering has had insulation trimmed, 1st fix electrics, plumbing and heating , making the job easier for the 1st time boat fitter.