Narrowboat Extras

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Lymm Marina Sailaway Extras


1 Upgrade engine from canaline 38hp to 42hp £1200
2 upgrade engine from canaline 38hp to beta 43hp  £2200
3  Vetus 55 kgf bowthruster  fitted inc tube (cheshire range)  £3000
4  Vetus 55 kgf bowthruster fitted, inc tube & locker  (mike christian range) £3,500
5 Bowthruster tube fitted  (cheshire range) £500
6 Bowthruster tube  fitted in a separate compartment (mike christian only) £1000
  Hospital silencer fitted £400
8 centreflex coupling fitted (only available on conventional stern gear) £300
9 Python drive coupling fitted (only available on conventional stern gear) £1100
10 Aqua drive coupling fitted (only available on conventional stern gear £1400
11 4 extra 12 volt 100 amp batteries fitted and connected to engine with isolation switch £500 (inc on a lined boat )
12 Surcal twin coil hot water calorifer cylinder supplied & fitted 55 litre = £500 (inc in a lined additions), 75 litre = £700, 90 litre = £900
13 240 volt, 1kw heating element fitted to  calorifer cylinder supplied & fitted & connect £100
14 Webasto 5kw diesel  heating fitted with up to 4 radiators £2800
15 Webasto 5kw diesel heating  fitted  with 1 test radiator (system must be finished by competent person       (special warranty terms & conditions apply) £2250
16  Webasto 5kw diesel heating (part  fitted)   (special warranty terms & conditions apply) £2000
17 Boxing in water/central heating pipes From £50 (per metre)
18 5kw solid fuel fire supplied & fitted to new recommendations, inc fireplace, collar, double skin flue pipe & chimney, tiling & wooden trims £2500
19 Chimney collar (old style) supplied & fitted only £150
20 Battened and sprayed foam insulated from £1500
21 Stainless steel water tank fitted From £500 (inc in a lined boat)
22  Extra bulkhead fitted (internal partition) £200 each (3 inc in a lined boat )
23 Toilet cubicle with hinged door/s £1000 (inc in a lined additions)
Fitting a door/s to a bulkhead (partition) From £200
25 Basic rear cabin steps £50 (inc in a lined boat)
26 Custom  set of rear cabin steps From £250
28 Fresh water pump connected to water tank, then pipes tails where required £500 (inc in a lined additions)
29 Whale 220 gulper pump  fitted with hull outlet  fitting £250 (inc in a lined additions)
30 3/8 gas pipe fitted  from gas locker to cabin with Gas aldi bubble tester, hose & 1.5 kgf regulator £500
31 Waste water fitting supplied & fitted in hull £25
32 Upgrade Thetford cs200 toilet to the c263 model with porcelain bowl £200
33 Pump out toilet with  holding tank & tank gauge £1500
34 Engine boarded over and steps down (only available on traditional style boats) From £750
35 Bedroom fitted with bed base, wardrobe (excludes mattress) Price on application
37 Build dinette/bed with table (excludes cushions) Price on application
39 Solid hardwood floor fitted £60 per cabin length foot
40 Varnishing, oiling, lacquering, painting internal woodwork From £35 to £50 per cabin length foot
41 Trimming sprayed insulation & additional battening ready for lining & wiring P.O A
42 Wire tails installed 12 volt & 240 volt to customers specification From £1000 ( included on a lined boat)
43 12v  power panel c/w  breakers  & voltage gauge  connected to 12v electric supply £300 (included on a lined boat )
44 4 x  12v 100A   domestic batteries fitted in a tray connected to engine £500 (included on a lined boat)
45 240v  power panel c/w RCCB & breakers  and  connected to  2 x sockets £300 (included on a lined boat)
46 240v  power panel c/w RCCB & breakers  and 2 way inverter/shoreline  switch £400
47 240v hook up point fitted  and connected to 240v power panel £100 (included on a lined boat)
48 Diesel gauge digital supplied and fitted £300
49 Fresh water digital gauge supplied and fitted £150
50 1600w Puresine inverter costs approx £350 (supply only)
51 1800w Quas sine inverter costs approx £300 (supply only)
52 2500w Puresine combi inverter/charger cost approx £1000 (supply only)
53 Fitting  inverter up to 1800watt includes supplying heavy cable, fuse & isolation switch £300 plus cost of inverter
54 Fitting  inverter up to 2500watt includes supplying heavy cable, fuse & isolation switch £400 plus cost of inverter
55 Sterling pro battery charger supplied and fitted, choice of 20amp, 30amp or 40amp 20amp = £400, 30amp = £500, 40amp = £600
56 Galvanic isolator supplied and fitted £150 (included on a lined boat)
57 Horn and headlight supplied and fitted with helm  switch £250  (included on a line boat)
58 Semi traditional style rear design From £1000 to £1500 depending on shell
59 Semi Cruiser style rear design From £500 to £1000 depending on shell
60 Extending  front cabin (wrap around) which encloses the front well deck From £1000 on sailaways, from £1500 on lined boats
61 Increasing the length of a narrowboat £500 (per foot) and £750 on a lined boat
64 Extra large rear hatch on traditional style boat £500
65 Side doors (1 set inc on a sailaway) £250 each or £500 on lined boat
66 Traditional style roof hatch (pigeon box), steelwork & supply & fit £400 each or £800 on lined boat (also an option of 4 portholes fitted £100)
67 Houdini style roof hatch, steelwork & supply & fit £800 or £1200 on a lined boat
68 Roof hatch above side doors Price on application
69 Extra window/s fitted £200 each or £400 on lined boat
70 Upgrading to double glazing windows or portholes From £200 per unit (depends on style)
71 Front bow lockers Price on application
72 Rear lockers on cruiser style boats Price on application
73 Lining & glazing a set of steel front or side doors using solid hardwood £600 (inc in a lined boat)
74 Brass or chrome mushroom roof vent supplied & fitted £50 each (inc in a lined boat)
75 Brass or chrome pole rack fitted £100
76 Steel recessed fender eyes supplied and fitted £25
77 Four  2.5kg Anodes supplied and fitted £200 (inc in a lined boat)
78 Brass running strip on rear sliding hatch £150
79 Upgrading rear doors lock with a high security Yale type lock £200 (only available on lined boats)
80 Brass or chrome tiller bar £50
81 Fender pack: including Extend rear fender & V front fender plus 6 side fenders £250 supplied or £275 fitted
82 Cruising  pack: includes 3 x 10m ropes (£60), 2x mooring pins, 1x lump hammer (£30), 1x windlass, 1x shackle key, 1x bwb key (£30), barge pole(£40),  chrome/brass  tiller £40, grease gun£15 £200 for the pack
83 Safety pack: 3 x 1kg extinguishers, 1 x Fire blanket, 1x carbon detector, 1x smoke detector £100
84 Curtains/blind pack: for up to 9 windows & front doors includes rails From £2500
85 13kg Gas bottle inc gas Price on application
86 Road transport Price on application
87 Loading a boat on to road transport Price on application
88 Exterior painting – Currently unavailable, as we have no paint shed so all paint work is subcontracted out
89 Completing the documentation for a CE marking a full fitted boat Price on application
90 Travel rate for warranty or other work (this will be charged if boat is not returned to our boatyard) £100+vat per hour
91 Labour hourly rate for work which is not listed £60+vat per hour