We offer VERY competitive prices, quality work and just £1,000 for a agreement deposit when  buying or ordering a standard sailaway boat !

Payment Information

Over recent times there have been many instances of boatbuilders going out of business and, customers losing large amounts of money.

Different companies offer different payment schemes and contracts, which are confusing and have lots of small print.

The TRUE facts are:

No contract is totally safe, including the British Marine Federation contract, which says the customer owns the amount of work completed.  This is as long as the company has paid for the goods used and nobody else has title to the goods.

And remember when a company goes into liquidation or bankruptcy you will have to instruct a solicitor, barrister, or a professional body to help recover the goods (which costs money) and it is most likely that you will have paid a large amount of money and be left with a half fabricated narrowboat.


are very simple and safe !!!

Just £1000 agreement deposit when buying or ordering a standard sailaway  narrowboat **  or £2000 for a standard sailaway widebeam barge, then the balance paid when all work is finished and the boat is ready for the customer.

A further payment is required if the boat is being lined out or is a 1st fix (this is paid when the hull is built and we start lining the internal work).

**If a non-standard boat is ordered (e.g. different size, design, double glazing, or special extras, we will also ask that a payment is made to cover the extras. 

All deposits are non-refundable unless by written agreement.

We reserve the right to alter or change the details at any time without giving notice.