Recreational Craft Directive

Recreational Craft Directive

as from the 3rd August 2017 , all  part fitted  boats including a basic sailaway   now have to be CE marked and compile with  the new directive (2013/53/EU)

therefore anyone purchasing any canalboat sailaway must have the necessary paperwork from the boat builder that is required of a completed craft, this includes

  • a builders plate
  • a CE mark
  • 14 digit craft identification number (CIN) this is to be carried in two places on the boat , one should be hidden
  • a owners manual
  • a declaration of Conformity

the CE mark shows the craft is compliant when it is placed on the market for the first time, it will remain valid to any further alterations to the craft  take place which would then require a re-assessment  of the craft

if you need more  information please contact ourselves  and we we be happy to help you