• 57’cheshire cruiser  enclosed stern
  • spray foam insulation
  • 1st fix plumbing package
  • 1st fix electric package
  • upgraded inverter
  • 1st fix diesel heating
  • 1st fix gas run , & other extras
  • to order, short lead times

Sailaway 1st fix – Due to a lengthy time scale for our lined boats, we have developed this new package which can include electric, plumbing and heating ready to be lined out by the owner.

The first step is to select the type of narrowboat you require:- example is 57′ cheshire cruiser style boat, sprayed foamed @ £4600 inc vat then the extras you require, we can also offer different options, removing or adding items.

Plumbing package £2500:-

  • stainless steel water tank fitted
  • hot water calorifier fitted with twin heating coils
  • 240v emission heater fitted in calorifier
  • fresh water pump fitted together with
  • hot & cold water pipes tails fitted
  • shower waste water pump fitted
  • waste water hull fitting
  • cold water accumulator  & hot water pressure vessel

 Electric package £3000:-

  • 12v domestic battery bank fitted (4 x 105ah battery’s)
  • 12v engine alternator connected to domestic battery bank
  • spray insulation cutback ready for wire fixing
  • extra battens fitted internally ready for wire fixing
  • lined open cupboard for the internal electrical equipment
  • 12v power panel with up to 12 breakers & voltage gauge
  • 12v power panel connected with fuse & isolation to battery bank
  • 12v horn and head light fitted
  • 12v-4mm wire tails for cooker 12v ignition
  • 12v-6mm wire tails for 12v fridge
  • 12v-4mm wire tails for 12v toilet
  • 12v-4mm wire tails for main light feed (aft)
  • 12v-4mm wire tails for main light feed (fore)
  • 240v outside hook up point
  • galvanic isolator fitted
  • 240v power board with RCCD & 2 breakers
  • 240v power board connected to 2x 13a sockets
  • 240v emission calorifier heater connected
  • 240v 1600w pure sinewave inverter
  • invertor fitted with cable, fuse and isolation switch

 upgrade inverter to 2500w combi charger add £1000

Diesel Heating part fitted from £2,500:- 

  • webasto 5kw heater fitted & working
  • pipe work connected to calorifier coil
  • 1 radiator fitted in cabin and connected
  • pipe tails ready to fit additional radiators
  • pipe isolation valves fitted

Lastly boat will also come with:- 

  • boat to comply with NEW  UK registration craft regulations 2017
  • annex IV declaration of conformity & owner’s manual
  • craft identification number issued
  • builders plate and UKCA  marked

Breakdown of extras included with this  boat:-

  • 57′ x 6’10”  narrowboat  sailaway-£46,000
  • cheshire cruiser stern –
  • anodes-£250
  • enclosed rear dodge stern £1000
  • sprayfoam insulation-£2000
  • 1st fix plumbing package £2500
  • 1 st fix electric package £3000
  • upgrade 2.5KW   inverter/charger £1000
  • 1st fix webasto diesel heating £2500
  • lined rear doors with yale lock £1000
  • lined side doors (non glazed) £500
  • lined front doors glazed £1000
  • 2 x room partitions £400
  • 4 x roof vents-£300
  • gas run £500
  • price of this package-£61,950 (1/03/23)

Price & availability:- 

  •  price inc vat £63,000
  • similar boats can be supplied
  • available to view at Lymm
  • can qualify for 0% vat (zero rating)
  • small deposit can secure a boat

Boat will comply to the new  2017 UK recreation craft register   and include:-

  • annex IV declaration of conformity & owner’s manual
  • craft identification number issued
  • Builders plate and UKCA marked

*Lifting on the water-a craft purchased will include lifting onto the water at Lymm ready for you to sail away, or we can lift the boat onto road transport (road transport is available as an extra cost).

Other options/extras available:-

  • 1st fix electric package
  • upgrading inverter package
  • 1st fix plumbing package
  • 1st fix webasto heating package
  • supplying panelling
  • road transport
  • 1st fix multi fuel stove fitted

Other extra options available:-

  • 1st fix pump out toilet with waste tank
  • 1st fix gas run
  • enclosed front cabin
  • enclosed rear dodger
  • victron solar power package
  • 2x front door windows
  • mushroom roof vents
  • gas run with bubble tester and regulator
  • supply wood, panels & trim

Price also includes VAT and lifting the boat onto the water at Lymm ready to sail away, no hidden extras!

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