(ref-xw704)-60×12.6 widebeam euro-£50,000 ex vat – SOLD

(ref-xw704)-60×12.6 widebeam euro-£50,000 ex vat – SOLD 2020-09-17T13:51:10+00:00

Project Description

  • euro deluxe stern
  • tiller steering
  • foam insulated sailaway
  • external coach painted
  • bowthruster fitted & working
  • £5000+ off list price
  • may qualify for 0% vat (zero rating)
  • at Lymm (viewing by appointment)

This euro widebeam boat sailaway has a square stern with seating and storage, tiller steering & powered by canaline engine.  The craft is ready to be fitted out as a live aboard.

Boat specification & details:-  

  • 60′ x 12′6” euro cruiser sailaway
  • internal cabin length-44′
  • rear lockers
  • tiller steering
  • canaline diesel engine
  • twin alternators 75A & 175A
  • ballasted and plywood flooring
  • 6 large windows and 4 portholes
  • suitable for a reverse layout
  • suitable for 1 or 2 bedroom
  • 1 sets of side doors
  • front doors
  • rear doors & hatch
  • annex 4 declaration of conformity
  • complies to RCD 2013/53/EU
  • builders plate and CE marking
  • owners handbook
  • craned on to the water at Lymm
  • or lifted onto road transport

Breakdown of extras included with this boat:-

  • 60 x 12.6 sailaway boat-£40,000
  • sprayfoam insulation-£2000
  • square euro deluxe stern-£3000
  • rear stern doors-£500
  • roof vents-£200
  • bowthruster fitted & working-£4250
  • externally painted midnight blue & white-£6000
  • list price of this package-£55,950

Price & availability:- 

  • special price £50,000 ex vat
  • discounted due to cancelled order
  • may qualify for 0% vat (vat free)
  • on the water at Lymm
  • available now

Boat will comply to recreation craft directive RCD 2013/53/EU and include:-

  • annex IV declaration of conformity & owner’s manual
  • craft identification number issued
  • Builders plate and CE marked

*Qualifying for zero rated vat-some craft can be sold 0% vat rate if its going to be used as a liveaboard and if the craft meets the current requirements set out by HMRC.  We can advise and prepare the documentation to comply with HMRC requirements.

*Lifting on the water-a craft purchased will include lifting onto the water at Lymm ready for you to sail away, or we can lift the boat onto road transport  (road transport is available as a extra cost).

More information:- 


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