• deluxe stern with seating
  • lined  sailaway
  • externally   painted
  • bow thruster  fitted
  • many extras fitted
  • £saving off list price
  • may qualify for 0% rate vat *
  • at lymm-viewing by appointment

This  boat  is fully lined with ash veneered panels and trimmed with ash, electrics includes wire tails, 12v & 240v mains power panels, led lights, sockets, horn and headlight

Sailaway Lined include:-

  • spray insulation cut & trimmed
  • extra wooden battens fitted
  • full 12volt & 240 volt wire tails
  • 12v main power board connected to wire tails
  • 12v domestic battery bank fitted(4 x 100ah battery’s)
  • 12v engine alternator connected to domestic battery bank
  • 12v voltage gauge for domestic battery bank
  • 12v LED lights fitted (up to 30)
  • light switches
  • 12v horn and head light fitted
  • 240v outside hook up point
  • 240v main power board connected to tails
  • galvanic isolator fitted
  • 240v sockets fitted (normally 10)
  • cabin fully lined in high quality ash veneered plywood
  • trimmed with ash hardwood
  • rear doors and hatch lined
  • side doors lined
  • front doors lined and glazed
  • 2 bulkheads(wall partitions) fitted
  • stainless steel water tank fitted
  • roof vents and internal covers
  • low level door vent covers
  • anodes fitted

breakdown of extras  included with this boat-

  • 60 x 12.6  widebeam lined £55,000
  • round deluxe stern- £1,000
  • externally  painted- £6,000
  • bowthruster fitted- £4,250
  • shower bulkhead & shelves £1,000
  • internal sliding doors fitted £800
  • water gauge £150
  • extra set of side doors £500
  • Cooker housing & rear steps £1000
  • Yale rear door lock £200
  • 2nd hookup point with switch-£250
  • 2.5kw inverter combi-£1500
  • 75l calorifier-£650
  • Fender pack-£250
  • list price of this package £75,550 (april 2020)

price & availability

  •  price ex vat  £75,000
  • sold
  • may qualify for 0% rated vat
  • at lymm-viewing by appointment
  • sale agreed & deposit taken

Boat will comply to recreation craft directive RCD 2013/53/EU and include

  • annex IV declaration of conformity & owner’s manual
  • craft identification number issued
  • Builders plate and CE marked

*Qualifying for zero rated vat-some  craft can be sold 0% vat rate if it is going to be used as a liveaboard and if  the craft meets the current  requirements set out by HMRC, we can  advise and prepare  the  documentation to  comply with HMRC requirements

*Lifting on the water-a craft purchased will include lifting on to the water at Lymm ready for you to sail away, or we can lift the boat on to  road transport  (road transport is available as a extra cost)

Some other options/extras  available:

  • Lined additions package
  • road transport
  • gas run with bubble tester and regulator
  • multi fuel fire fitted
  • diesel heating fitted

More information:-