(ref-xs954st1)-57′Cheshire-1st fix sailaway-£34,500-due in

(ref-xs954st1)-57′Cheshire-1st fix sailaway-£34,500-due in 2020-07-02T12:25:51+00:00

Project Description

    • cruiser style rear stern
    • foam insulation sailaway
    • 1st fix electrics
    • 1st fix plumbing
    • roof & door vents
    • other options available
    • small deposit can secure
    • available Aug 2020

    The 1st fix sailaway narrowboat is ideally for people who can do the joinery work but, need help with some of the other areas like electrics, plumbing or heating.

    Boat specification and details:- 

    • 57′ cruiser basic sailaway
    • round cruiser style stern
    • external stern-7’6″
    • external bow-7’6″
    • internal cabin length-42′
    • cabin height centre-(fitted) 6’6”
    • cabin height centre-(sailaway) 6’8”
    • 10-6-5-4 steel spec
    • integral handrails
    • 38hp canaline diesel
    • twin alternators 75A & 100A
    • external primed & hull blacked
    • internal primed & floor blacked
    • windows & portholes fitted fitted
    • rear doors and sliding hatch
    • front steel doors with glass apertures
    • 1 set of side doors
    • ballasted and floored
    • annex 4 declaration of conformity
    • complies to RCD 2013/53/EU
    • builders plate and CE marking
    • owners handbook
    • craned onto the water at Lymm

    Breakdown of extras included with this boat:- 

    • 57′ cruiser sailaway-£28,500
    • sprayfoamed insulated-£1500
    • 1st fix plumbing package-£2000
    • 1st fix electrics package-£2500
    • roof vents & door vents-£200
    • anodes-included
    • recessed fender eyes-included
    • rear lockers-included
    • list price of this boat package-£34,700

    Price & availability:- 

    • sale price £34,500
    • building slot July 2020
    • completion date approx Aug 2020
    • available to buy
    • small deposit will secure this boat

    Plumbing package includes:-

    • stainless steel water tank fitted
    • hot water calorifier fitted with twin heating coils
    • 240v emission heater fitted in calorifier
    • fresh water pump fitted
    • hot & cold water pipes tails fitted
    • shower waste water pump fitted
    • waste water hull fitting

     Electric package includes:-

    • 12v domestic battery bank fitted (4 x 100ah battery’s)
    • 12v engine alternator connected to domestic battery bank
    • spray insulation cut/trimmed on roof
    • extra battens fitted on roof ready for wire fixing
    • 12v power panel with up to 12 breakers & voltage gauge
    • 12v power panel connected with fuse & isolation to battery bank
    • 12v horn and head light fitted
    • 240v outside hook up point
    • galvanic isolator fitted
    • 240v power board with RCCD & 2 breakers
    • power board connected to 2x 13a sockets
    • 240v emission heater connected
    • 240v 1600w puresine wave inverter
    • invertor connected to power board
    • with mega fuse and isolation to battery bank

    Diesel heating part fitted includes:-  

    • webasto 5kw heater fitted & working
    • connected to calorifer coil
    • 1  radiators fitted & tails

     Boat will also come with:- 

    • boat to comply with RCD 2013/53/EU
    • annex IV declaration of conformity & owner’s manual
    • craft identification number issued
    • builders plate and CE marked

    Other options/extras available:-

    • upgrading inverter to 2500w combi
    • 350w  (30A) victron solar panel  package
    • pump out toilet with waste tank
    • 2x front door windows
    • roof vents/door vents fitted
    • gas run with bubble tester and regulator
    • sprayfoam insulation trimmed back
    • wiring/cabling supplied
    • wire tails fitted to customer spec
    • supply wood, panels & trim

    More information:- 


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