• hybrid electric powered sailaway
  • hull built by Tim Tyler boats
  • semi trad style hull
  • beta 43hp hybrid engine
  • 24x2v batterys =800Ah 48v bank
  • 1st fix electrics
  • 1st fix plumbing
  • built to customers requirements

The hull is built by Tim Tyler Boatbuilders.  The customer chooses & purchase a hybrid marine package, we then fit the engine, and also 1st electrics & plumbing.

Boat specification and details:- 

  • 57′ mike christian semi trad
  • battened and foam insulated
  • 1st fix plumbing package
  • 1st fix electrics package
  • roof vents
  • front door windows
  • anodes
  • rear lockers

Plumbing package:-

  • stainless steel water tank fitted
  • hot water calorifier fitted with twin heating coils
  • 240v emission heater fitted in calorifier
  • fresh water pump fitted
  • hot & cold water pipes tails fitted
  • shower waste water pump fitted
  • waste water hull fitting

 Electric package:-

  • stainless steel battery box custom made to suit hybrid batteries
  • fit hybrid batteries 48v domestic battery bank
  • fit hybrid controller
  • fit hybrid 48v 5000w inverter combi
  • fit 240v/12v battery charger with 3 outputs
  • 12v engine starter battery (1 x 105ah battery)
  • 12v domestic battery bank fitted (1 x 105ah battery)
  • 2 x 24v engine alternators connected to domestic battery bank
  • spray insulation cut/trimmed on roof
  • extra battens fitted on roof ready for wire fixing
  • 12v power panel with up to 12 breakers & voltage gauge
  • 12v power panel connected with fuse & isolation to battery bank
  • 12v horn and head light fitted
  • 240v outside hook up point
  • galvanic isolator fitted
  • 240v power board with RCCD & 2 breakers
  • power board connected to 2x 13a sockets
  • 240v emission heater connected
  • invertor connected to power board
  • with mega fuse and isolation to battery bank

 Boat will also come with :-

  • boat to comply with RCD 2013/53/EU
  • annex IV declaration of conformity & owner’s manual
  • craft identification number issued
  • builders plate and CE marked

Breakdown of extras with a typical  boat:- 

  • 57′ mike Christian semi trad £56,000
  • battened and foam insulated £2000
  • no engine fitted deduct £5000
  • cost of hybrid package £30,000
  • fit customers hybrid package and
  • 1st  fix electrics package £8000
  • 1st fix plumbing package £2500
  • roof vents £250
  • sub total of package £93,750 inc vat

the customer must purchase their chosen hybrid electric package direct from hybrid marine

Price & availability:-

  •  boats can be built to order
  • short lead time

Other options/extras available:-

  • other 1st fix packages available
  • 350watt solar panel package
  • 1st fix webasto heating
  • 1st fix pump out toilet with waste tank
  • 1st fix multi fuel fire
  • gas run with bubble tester and regulator
  • supply wood, panels & trim

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