Narrowboat Lined Sailaway

  • 50′ from £67,500 inc vat
  • 57′ from £68,000 inc vat
  • 60′ from £71,500 inc vat
  • 62′ from £73,000 inc vat
  • more extras included for 2023
  • choice of window positions
  • engine upgrades available
  • other sizes & options available

Our lined boat spec is different from most builders, as it also includes all the 12v & 240v electrics required, installed and working just look at the spec.

Sailaway lined includes:-

  • spray insulation cut & trimmed
  • extra wooden battens fitted
  • full 12volt & 240volt wire tails
  • 12v main power board connected to wire tails
  • 12v domestic battery bank fitted (4 x 105ah battery’s)
  • 12v engine alternator connected to domestic battery bank
  • 12v voltage gauge for domestic battery bank
  • 12v LED lights fitted (up to 20)
  • light switches
  • 12v horn and head light fitted
  • 240v outside hook up point
  • 240v main power board connected to tails
  • galvanic isolator fitted
  • 240v sockets fitted
  • cabin fully lined in high quality ash veneered plywood
  • trimmed with ash hardwood
  • 2 bulkheads (wall partitions) fitted
  • rear doors and hatch lined
  • side doors lined
  • front doors lined and glazed
  • stainless steel water tank fitted
  • roof vents and internal covers
  • low level door vent covers
  • anodes fitted
  • annex IV declaration of conformity & owner’s manual
  • craft identification number issued
  • boat to comply with RCR 2017 (new for 2023 spec)
  • builders plate and UKCA marked( new for 2023 spec)
  • 2.5KW inverter charger (new for 2023)
  • surcal hot water calorifier fitted  (new for 2023)
  • hot & cold water pipes tails fitted(new for 2023)
  • fresh water pump fitted (new for 2023)
  • rear doors fitted with security lock (new for 2023)

 We can also take it to a lined additions for a extra £5000:-  

  • the lined additions includes a bathroom cubicle with shower, toilet & washbasin with plumbing, fittings, pumps and hot water twin coil calorifier fitted
  • will also includes a bathroom cubicle fitted
  • with either walk through or side passage way
  • full size shower cubicle fitted either quad or square base
  • wash basin & vanity unit
  • thetford cassette toilet
  • shower waste water pump fitted
  • floored with a decorative finish
  • wet areas fitted with a waterproof cladding

boats up to 60′ fitted with 38hp engine with PRM125 gearbox, 75A & 100A alternators and standard instrument panel

boats 60′ & above fitted with 42hp engine & PRM150 gearbox, 75A & 175A alternators and deluxe instrument panel

Price includes VAT and lifting the boat onto the water at Lymm ready to sail away, no hidden extras!

Approx sizes/dimensions of a 57′ cruiser standard boat:- 

  • internal cabin length (shell)-42′
  • headroom (lined)-6’5″ to 6’6″
  • cabin width (lined)-6′
  • external stern-7’6″
  • external bow-7’6″
  • external bow well deck-3’6″

Other options/extras available:-

  • hospital silencer
  • semi trad style
  • webasto heating system
  • multi fuel fire
  • invertors fitted
  • gas pipe run with tester
  • build bedroom
  • build dinnette

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