(ref-zm02)-Mike Christian Josher Semi-Trad Sailaway from £31,250

(ref-zm02)-Mike Christian Josher Semi-Trad Sailaway from £31,250 2018-11-07T18:17:37+00:00

Project Description

Mike Christian Josher Semi-Traditional

  • 50′ from £31,250 inc vat
  • 57′ from £32,250 inc vat
  • 60′ from £34,750 inc vat
  • 62′ from £35,750 inc vat
  • other sizes & options available

The Mike Christian Josher Semi-Traditional offers the same style lines and features as the classic josher, but with an extended rear deck which provides shelter and storage.

The engine is accommodated in its separate area, making it far easier to maintain. The boat has easy access from aft or bow and it is suitable for a number of different layouts.

This boat is designed and developed by the same team of experienced shell builders who produce the Jonathan Wilson and Tim Tyler bespoke hulls.

With fabulous looks and style the Josher boasts a host of traditional features including the longer front bow deck , for more outside space, the imitation rivets design and balanced tiller.   This boat combines years of experience, great skills and dedicated workmanship.

The hulls are built in the style of the Birmingham square hulls with specially manufactured 208cm (6’10”) steel base plates (other builders use the standard 200cm plate) this giving approx 3″ (70mm) more width at floor level! Boats are built using only BSEN 10025 certified steel, to a build spec, then fully primered and blacked with 2 pack  jotunmastic  87 coating  .

So combined with the uniquely designed swim, generous headroom and other features, these boats represent exceptional quality and value for money for customers who want that extra.

boats up to 60′ fitted with 38hp engine with PRM125 gearbox,  75A & 100A alternators and standard instrument panel

  • 50′ basic  sailaway from £31,250
  • 57′ basic  sailaway  from £32,250

boats 60′ & above fitted with 42hp engine & PRM150 gearbox,  75A & 175A alternators and deluxe  instrument panel

  • 60′ basic sailaway from £34,750
  • 62′ basic sailaway from  £35,750
  • 65′ basic sailaway from £37,250

Price includes VAT and  lifting  boat on to the water at Lymm ready to sail away, no hidden extras !

approx sizes/ dimensions of a 57′ semi standard boat 

  • internal cabin length (shell)-40’6″
  • headroom-mid (lined) -6’5″ to 6’6″
  • cabin width (lined)-5’11”
  • external stern-7’4″
  • external bow – 9’2″
  • external bow well deck-4’6″

some options/extras available-

  • battened & spray insulated£1500
  • double glazing (per window) £200
  • stainless steel water tank £500
  • hospital silencer £350
  • domestic battery bank  £500
  • twin coil  calorifer fitted £500
  • roof vents fitted each £50
  • bowthruster 55kgf fitted £3000

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Full narrowboat pricelist & specifications CLICK HERE

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