(ref-zs00)-Cheshire narrowboat shell £P.O.A

(ref-zs00)-Cheshire narrowboat shell £P.O.A 2019-10-09T09:40:53+00:00

Project Description

Cheshire  Narrowboat Shell

  • front, rear & side doors
  • propeller & shaft
  • ready to fit engine
  • appertures cut
  • meets NEW RCD requirements
The cheshire narrowboat shell is available to order, ideal for people who want to do everything themselves.  Shells come complete with front, rear and 1 set of side doors.
45′ shell £ P.O.A
50′ shell £P.O.A
57′ shell £P.O.A
60′ shell £P.O.A
62` shell £P.OA
The boat will be ready to fit an engine and will have engine beds, tanks and stern gear including propeller and shaft.  Available as cruiser style, traditional style or for £750 as semi trad style.

Specifications include:-

  • 10mm base plate
  • 6mm hull sides
  • 5mm cabin sides and 4mm roof
  • engine beds to suit canaline engine
  • keel cooling tank with fitting
  • gas lockers
  • recess fender eyes
  • rear mooring bollards
  • centre roof ring
  • front steel doors with apertures for glass
  • rear doors and sliding hatch
  • 1 x side doors
  • weed hatch
  • pole and plank holder
  • primed and hull blacked
  • window apertures cut
  • stern tube weld in hull
  • propeller shaft & propeller fitted
  • price includes vat
  • ex works(delivery extra)

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