Cheshire Traditional

  • 45′ from £45,500 inc vat
  • 50′ from £46,000 inc vat
  • 57′ from £46,500 inc vat
  • 60′ from £50,000 inc vat
  • external weedhatch access
  • rear taff rails fitted as standard
  • round traditional stern
  • other sizes & options available

The Cheshire Traditional style boat has the smallest stern of the narrowboats and as the name says, it is loosely based on the old style traditional work boat sterns.

The engine is mounted in the rear of the cabin and normally is boxed in when being fitted out.  It is mainly suitable for a standard layout where sleeping accommodation is at the aft part of the cabin, and the living & galley accommodation is forward of the cabin.  The boat is normally built with a standard size front well deck to maximum the internal space but, this can be changed to have a bigger well deck.

The boat comes with up to 9 windows or portholes, rear doors and hatch, side doors and front doors with glass apertures.  Internally, the boat will be coated with a primer and the floor coated with a bitamin blacking then ballasted and floored.

boats up to 60′ fitted with 38hp engine with PRM125 gearbox, 75A & 100A alternators and standard instrument panel:-

  • 45′ basic sailaway from £45,500
  • 50′ basic sailaway from £46,000
  • 57′ basic sailaway  from £46,500

boats 60′ & above fitted with 42hp engine & PRM150 gearbox, 75A & 175A alternators and deluxe instrument panel:-

  • 60′ basic sailaway from £50,000
  • 62′ basic sailaway from £51,500
  • 65′ basic sailaway from £53,500

Price includes VAT and lifting boat onto the water at Lymm ready to sail away, no hidden extras!

Approx sizes/ dimensions of a 57′ trad boat:- 

  • internal cabin length (shell)-46′
  • engine space (trad style)-4′
  • cabin mid height (lined)-6’6″ to 6’7″
  • cabin side height (lined)- 6’4″
  • cabin width (lined)-6′
  • external stern-7’6″
  • external bow-7’6″
  • external bow well deck-3’6″

Other options/extras available:-

  • battening & spray insulated
  • stainless steel water tank
  • hospital silencer
  • domestic battery bank
  • twin coil calorifier fitted
  • roof vents

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