(ref-zs02)-Cheshire Semi-Traditional Sailaway from £27,750

(ref-zs02)-Cheshire Semi-Traditional Sailaway from £27,750 2018-10-09T04:38:39+00:00

Project Description

Cheshire  Semi-Traditional

  • 45` from £27,750  on the water
  • 50` from £28,250 on the water
  • 57` from £28,750  on the water
  • other sizes and options available

The Cheshire  Semi-Traditional is a good compromise between a cruiser and a traditional. It has the looks of a traditional stern,  but with the space of a cruiser on the rear deck.

The engine is in a separate compartment, and has  space to  accommodate full large battery banks, hot water calorifiers and webasto diesel heaters

The rear  area at the rear is normally enclosed with a second set of doors for storage and shelter, making it ideal for those with pets or young children. you can have the free option of rear lockers

like all of our sailaways the price includes craneage on to the water at Lymm which is connected to national network of canals & rivers.

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