Cheshire Cruiser Narrowboat from sailaways from £27,000

Cheshire Cruiser Narrowboat from sailaways from £27,000 2017-08-22T00:08:06+00:00

Project Description

Cheshire Cruiser Narrowboat (high deck)

The Cheshire Cruiser narrowboat is the most popular style. It is suitable for layouts where the main bedroom is at the rear, or a reverse layout where the bedroom is at the bow. The engine is mounted in a separate engine space making engine maintenance a far more pleasant experience, and with the larger social rear deck, it provides a pleasant area for accommodating all of your family or friends.

This style boat has the lightweight aluminium rear deck plate, standard integral handrails, rear rail and elliptical stern. The hull is built to a 10-6-5-4 spec.

(Tubular handrails & rear locks are available as optional extras)

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