(ref-zs07)-Cheshire Lined Additions Sailaway from £43,500

(ref-zs07)-Cheshire Lined Additions Sailaway from £43,500 2018-10-09T04:40:13+00:00

Project Description

    Cheshire Lined Additions Sailaway

    • 45′ from £43,500,  on the water
    • 50′ from £44,000, on the water
    • 57′ from £44,500,   on the water
    • other sizes and options available

    The  Additions includes a  bathroom cubicle  with  shower, toilet & washbasin  with all plumbing, fittings, pumps and hot water  twin coil calorifier fitted ….

    A Lined Additions Sailaway

    •  will also includes a bathroom cubicle  fitted
    • with either walk through or side passage way
    •  full size shower cubicle fitted either quad or square base
    • wash basin & vanity unit
    • Thetford cassette toilet
    • fresh water pump fitted
    • shower waste water pump fitted
    • hot & cold water pipes tails fitted,
    • hot water calorifier fitted  with twin heating coils,
    •  floored with a decorative finish
    •  wet areas fitted with a waterproof cladding
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