Cheshire 57` Cruiser Enclosed Narrowboat Sailaway from £28,000

Cheshire 57` Cruiser Enclosed Narrowboat Sailaway from £28,000 2018-01-20T08:21:21+00:00

Project Description

Cheshire Enclosed Front Narrowboat

The Cheshire Cruiser enclosed front  narrowboat, has the cabin extended to the front locker which extends the cabin from 42` to 45` in length, the boat suitable for layout where the main bedroom is at the front  and enables you to have a full size double bed a reverse layout where the bedroom is at the bow. The engine is mounted in a separate engine space making engine maintenance a far more pleasant experience, and with the larger social rear deck, it provides a pleasant area for accommodating all of your family or friends.

the engine space on cruiser and semi-trad style boats, have enough room for a full battery bank, hot water calorifier, and a webasto diesel heater if required and can be accessed easily by a  lightweight  aluminium rear deck plate

This style boat is built with  standard integral handrails,round stern, rear rail with control post. The hull is built to a 10-6-5-4 spec.

we offer many optional extras including different lengths, tubalar handrails,  battening and sprayfoam insulation , stainless steel water tank, bow thrusters            (see narrowboat extras for full list) 

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