(ref-zw23)-60’x12′ widebeam Sailaway from £38,000

(ref-zw23)-60’x12′ widebeam Sailaway from £38,000 2018-11-09T15:08:18+00:00

Project Description

    Widebeam Sailaway

    • £38,000 basic  sailaway
    • £40,000 sprayfoamed  insulated
    • £45,000 sprayfoamed & coach  painted
    • other options available,  prices ex vat
    • may qualify for 0% vat rate*    these boats are supplied

    These boats are supplied  ready to be fitted out for recreational use or liveaboard . From Lymm the boat is capable of cruising  most of the northern wide network (not calder and hebble navigation)

    Widebeam Sailaway boat are supplied ready to be fitted out as a live aboard boat or for recreational use. Our sailaway boats are fitted with diesel engine, choice of up to 10 windows/portholes, front doors, side doors, rear doors and hatch, diesel tanks, roof vents, eyes and fender points. The hull is ballasted and floored. and exterior will be coated with a grey primer and the hull blacked. The boat is then craned on to the water at our boatyard at Lymm (Cheshire) ready to sailaway.

    fitted with 52hp engine & PRM150 gearbox,  75A & 175A alternators and deluxe  instrument panel

    • 60′ basic sailaway from £38,000 ex vat
    • Price includes   lifting  boat on to the water at Lymm ready to sail away
    • 0% VAT rate if used as a main residence and  craft meets HMRC requirements
    • We can help arrange documentation   to comply with HMRC  requirements*

    approx  sizes/ dimensions of a 60’x12′ widebeam cruiser

    • internal cabin length (shell)-43`9″
    • cabin centre height (lined) -7’2″
    • cabin side height (lined)-6′ 6″
    • cabin width (lined)-11’4″
    • external stern-8′
    • external deluxe bow 8’3″
    • external bow well deck-4′

    some options/extras available-

    • battening & spray insulated£2000
    • deluxe stern with seating £1000
    • euro stern with tiller £3000
    • euro stern with wheel £6000
    • enclosed front £2000
    • exterior coach painted £5000
    • bowthruster tube only £1250
    • bowthruster motor & tube  £4000
    • stainless steel water tank £750
    • domestic battery bank  £500
    • twin coil  55l calorifer fitted £420
    • houdini roof hatch £1000
    • extra side door £250
    • double glazing per window £200
    • roof vents fitted each  £50
    • upgrade engine to 60hp £1500

    Full widebeam extras pricelist CLICK HERE

    Full boat pricelist & specifications CLICK HERE

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