Widebeam 60×12 Enclosed front Sailaway from £40,000

Widebeam 60×12 Enclosed front Sailaway from £40,000 2018-08-01T19:18:04+00:00

Project Description

  • Xw644 Widebeam Enclosed Sailaway

the boat has a cabin space of 47` when lined and can be supplied at different stages at £40,000 the boat is supplied as a basic sailaway with up to 10 windows , powered by a canaline 52hp diesel engine, This boat has the most fantastic feeling of space , and with the enclosed front  you get the maximum amount of space for  a 60` boat to build and design your new home

  • the basic sailaway start at £40,000
  • other extras available include
  •  sprayfoamed insulated £2000
  • stainless steel water tank £750
  • Bow thruster tube fitted £1250
  • coach painted available £5000
  • deluxe stern £1000
  • rear canopy £2500