(ref-zw03)-57’x10′ widebeam Sailaway from £35,000

(ref-zw03)-57’x10′ widebeam Sailaway from £35,000 2018-10-09T04:51:06+00:00

Project Description

57’x10′ Widebeam Sailaway

  • £35,000 basic  sailaway
  • £37,000 sprayfoamed
  • £42,000 sprayfoamed and coach painted
  • craned on to water at lymm
  • other options available,  prices ex vat

The 57′ x 10′ widebeam boats are popular  with people who want  to cruise but require space. From Lymm the boat is capable of cruising the  northern wide network (including calder and hebble navigation)

Widebeam Sailaway boat are supplied ready to be fitted out as a live aboard boat or for recreational use. Our sailaway boats are fitted with diesel engine, windows/portholes, front doors, side doors, rear doors and hatch, diesel tanks, roof vents, eyes and fender points. The hull is ballasted and floored. and exterior will be coated with a grey primer and the hull blacked. The boat is then craned on to the water at our boatyard at Lymm (Cheshire) ready to sailaway.

some other options available (please see main list of all options)

  • wooden battening and spray foamed insulated £2000,
  • stainless steel water tank £750,
  • bowthruster tube only  fitted £1250
  • or we can fully a fully working bowthruster £4000
  • coach paint the exterior £5000
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